List of Top Travel Magazines in India

Top Travel Magazines in India

Travel is always fun!!! But have you ever thought your fun can become funnier when you plan it well? Before going out, you should have all information about your destination to avoid any hassles. Of course, Magazines are an excellent source of information about your travel needs. You can get all information related to luggage you should carry, Spots you can visit, Destination you can visit in India and of course tourist spots.

In today’s world, you can now access the digital edition of your favourite magazine anywhere from your mobile. We bring some of the best friends (Magazines) that you can find to see the thick & thins of a traveller’s life. With the list of some best travels magazines curated by us, travel has become a reality instead of a yearning that could never be fulfilled.

Below are the best Travel Magazines available in India

National Geographic Traveller

National Geographic Traveler India Magazine

Nat Geo Traveller is a monthly magazine with its popular tag line “Nobody Knows This World Better”. It is not just a Magazine, It is authentic guidebook provides you with complete information on where to go and what to do. The articles published in this magazine are well researched and engaging.

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Lonely Planet India

Lonely Planet India Magazine

Lonely Planet India Magazine is the world’s most trusted source of information about Travel. The contents published in this book inspire travellers to discover new places, new people, experience different cultures and stories about different places. Along with travel ideas, this magazine also gives advice about Hotels, Food and local specialities.

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Condé Nast Traveller India

Conde Nast Traveller India

Condé Nast Traveller Magazine came into the picture in 1987. The main focus of this book was to provide information about luxury travel. The magazine publishes 9 international editions across Asia, Europe and the US. With the specific information about Destinations, Food and Transport mediums, Conde Nast Traveller is one of the top Travel Magazine in India.

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Travel + Leisure India

Travel Leisure India Magazine

Travel + Leisure Magazine is the most influential brand in Travel globally. The content of this book is a mixture of Hotels, local Food, Culture, and Local Trends etc. It publishes insider access to Destinations. With smooth writing style and tasteful photography, it is published monthly to give travel tips to its 5 million readers.

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Business Traveller India

Business Traveller India Magazine

Business Traveller was launched in 1976 aimed to entertain Business travellers, making their life easier by saving them money. This magazine is packed with information about airlines updates, airports, hotels & car rental. In-depth details like where to stay, what to eat, what to see around the world. While serving frequent business travellers, Business Traveller reserves the ranking of top travel magazines in India.

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Outlook Traveller

Outlook Traveller Magazine

Outlook Traveller Magazine was published in 2005 and became India’s most popular Magazine now. It is a mine of information for serious travellers keeping up to date with the latest travel & tourism trends. With stunning pictures and adventurous information makes it worth to read all the times.

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Discover India

Discover India Magazine

Discover India is a premium Travel & Culture Magazine. It was launched in 1988 with the cooperation of Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India. Irrespective of Travel & Tourism, Discover India is the best option for those, who want to explore India. It publishes articles related to the history of India, Values & culture, fashion and art in both ancient and modern context. It is monthly Magazine published by Media Transasia India Limited.

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Today’s Traveller

Today’s Traveller Magazine aims to be India’s best travel magazine for both inbound & outbound travellers. It attracts & encourages travel junkies to explore India with detailed information about Hospitality, Travel & Tourism and Aviation Industry. Discover India is only Magazine in India to win the Pacific Asia Travel Association Gold Awards four times.

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Wanderlust India

Wanderlust India Magazine

Wanderlust Magazine is World’s leading magazine for travellers interested in Local cultures, wildlife and adventurous activities. This book was launched in 1993 and won nine awards till now. Content published in this magazine is full of beautiful photography with in-depth suggestions for authentic adventure loving people.

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Hindi Travel Magazines available in India

Grasshopper Subscribe
Rail Bandhu Subscribe
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