List of Top Magazines for Kids in India

Best Kids Magazines & Comics India

Reading has always been an important routine for successful people. Successful people always encourage others to make reading a daily practice. Reading is a habit to engage your mind and increase concentration.

What if we train our kids to engage their minds and learn new things? Of course, there is no substitute for reading. Magazines & Comics is very good source for your kids to get their minds engaged. We have curated top Kids Magazines and Comics available in India.

Below are Best Magazines & Comics available for Kids in India

⇒ Tinkle

Tinkle Magazine

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⇒ Champak

Champak Magazine

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⇒ Krishna Series

Krishna Magazine

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⇒ Highlights Genies

Highlights Genies Magazine

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⇒ Highlights Champs

Highlights Champs Magazine

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⇒ The Children’s Magazine

The Children's Magazine

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⇒ Birbal to the Rescue

Birbal to the rescue Magazine

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⇒ Raman & Tenali

Raman of Tenali Magazine

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⇒ Chakmak

Chakmak Magazine

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⇒ Children’s Digest

Childrens Digest Magazine

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Kids Magazines & Comics Available in Hindi

⇒ Champak

⇒ Dabung Girl aur Sapno ki Udaan

⇒ Dabung Girl aur Hawai Yatra

⇒ Nanhey Samrat

⇒ Nandan

Kids Magazines & Comics in Tamil

⇒ Champak – Tamil

⇒ Ariviyal Kathaigal

⇒ Star Children

⇒ Panchumittai

Kids Magazines & Comics in Malayalam

⇒ Balabhumi

⇒ Chithrakadha

⇒ Champak – Malyalam

⇒ Kalicheppu

⇒ Balarama

Kids Magazines & Comics in Marathi

⇒ Brain Tonic

⇒ Wayam

⇒ Champak – Marathi

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