List of Top Food & Beverage Magazines in India

List of Food & Beverage Magazines Popular in India

India is a country known for its culture, traditions, and mostly for a variety of foods. Food joins India together as one nation. There are a lot of Food Magazines get published in India. These food Magazines promote recipes with pictures and chef interviews. People who are in the food sector always look for the latest trends and new recipes around the world. Magazines play a primary role in the information.

Below are some of the Best Food Magazines in India


UpperCrust Magazine

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Food and NightLife Magazine

Food & NightLife Magazine

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Ambrosia Magazine

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Food & Health

Food & Health Magazine

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Bakery Review

Bakery Review Magazine

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Taste of Home

Taste of Home Magazine

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Cuisine at Home

Cuisine at Home Magazine

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Fine Dining Indian

Fine Dining Indian Magazine

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Food Network Magazine

Food Network Magazine

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Food & Beverage Magazines in Hindi

Swadist Mishthan

Swadisht Mishthan Magazine

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Grehlakshmi Vegetarian Recipes

vegetarian recipies magazine

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Kitty Party Recipes

Kitty Party Recipies Magazine

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Rajasthani Vyanjan

Rajasthani Vayanjan Magazine

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Punjabi Vayanjan

Punjabi Vayanjan Magazine

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Non-Veg Tadka

Non Veg Tadka Magazine

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Tamil Food Magazines


Immatha Illatharasi Subscribe
Unavu Nalam Subscribe
Aval Kitchen Subscribe

Malayalam Food Magazines


Ruchi Subscribe

Marathi Food Magazines


Loksatta Poornabramha Subscribe

Bengali Food Magazines


Roshuighor Subscribe

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