List of Best Agriculture & Farming Magazines in India

Top Agriculture and Farming Magazines in India

Agriculture started thousands of years ago, but it is not confirmed how old exactly it is. Farming is a part of Agriculture. Growing different foods and crops to fulfil the body needs is actually called Agriculture. Farming can feed many people on the same amount of land.

There is long process to sow, grow and cut crops before it comes in our plates. The person who is into agriculture and farming sector must know this process. Of course Magazines are very good source of information for farmers and local citizens. We have curated some Good Agriculture & Farming Magazines with all the information you need about this sector.

Below are some of the Best Agriculture Magazines in India

Agriculture World

agriculture world magazine

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agriculture magazine

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Business Of Agriculture

Business of Agriculture Magazine

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Agri Mech

Agri Mech Magazine

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Farmer’s Weekly

Farmer's weekly magazine

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farmbook magazine

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Agri Business

agri business magazine

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Rural Connect

rural connect magazine

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Smart Farmer Magazine

smart farmer magazine

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Farming Monthly National

farming monthly magazine

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Agriculture and Farming Magazines in Hindi

⇒ Modern Kheti Hindi Subscribe
⇒ Farm & Food Subscribe
⇒ Krishi Jagran Hindi Subscribe
⇒ Grameen Duniya Subscribe
⇒ Krishi Tehalka Subscribe
⇒ Mai Hu Kisan Subscribe
⇒ Kisan Gyan Subscribe
⇒ Agriculture General Knowledge Subscribe

Agriculture and Farming Magazines in Punjabi

Modern Kheti – Punjabi

Krishi Jagran – Punjabi

Agriculture Magazines in Tamil

Krishi Jagran – Tamil

Agri Doctor

Agriculture Magazines in Malyalam

Krishi Jagran – Malyalam

Thamilaga Vivasaya Ullagam

Thozhil Ullagam

Parampariya Vivasayam

Veylaan Vazhigaati

Agriculture Magazines in Telugu

Krishi Jagran – Telugu


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